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Q1.What is the JLLSSTC Learning Support Guideline?

A.This is the outline of our teaching approach, which we believe focuses on the learner's response to situational needs. It includes details about teaching content, methodology, how students may be tested and classified into different levels according to their Japanese proficiency and then given support, and how persons are trained to give such support.

Q2.What is the JLLSSTC Proficiency Test?

A.This is a test that consists of an interview and a written examination that evaluates what the candidate's proficiency of the Japanese language enables him to do. For the non-native learner, this is an indicator of his command of the language useful in determining what and how he would need to learn. For the native speaker interacting with the learner, this test provides a point of reference that allows him to rethink how he should communicate with and give support to the learner.

Q3.What do you mean by "JLLSSTC Proficiency Level"?

A.This is one of the seven levels from a standard proficiency scale, ranging from Level 0 (Pre-Instruction) to Level 6 (Competent User) as specified by the "Testing Standards for Japanese Language Proficiency", which is well understood by all persons involved in JLLSSTC. JLLSSTC has two testing procedures ? the Prospective Candidate Identification Test to identify its target audience from levels 0 and 1, and the Proficiency Evaluation Test, used to evaluate Japanese proficiency from levels 1 to 4.

Q4.What is the "Assistance Required" JLLSSTC Proficiency Level?

A.This refers to the level of proficiency at which native speakers need to make allowances for the non-native speaker during everyday conversation. Such allowances may include speaking slowly, using simple expressions, using gestures, pictures and writing on paper. Provided that such allowance is given to the learner, a learner in this category is able to respond to simple questions and understand instructions and participate in society within his immediate surroundings through the use of the Japanese language.

Q5.Who are eligible for the program?

A.The primary audience of the System are persons identified to be in Levels 0 and 1 through the JLLSSTC Proficiency Test, and the System bears the cost of providing its prescribed assistance to persons in these levels, including the cost of dispatching Program Coordinators and Japanese Language Partners as may be required. Persons identified to be in Level 2 and above may receive similar services, but any cost incurred would be borne either by the organizer of the Japanese Language Classroom or the learner himself.

Q6.How do I become a Program Coordinator?

A.Contact us with your (1) full name, (2) address (city/ward/area), (3) telephone number, (4) available days and times with the subject "Application for Program Coordinator" through one of the methods listed on the "Contact Us"page. You will need to participate as a Japanese Language Partner for a specified period, and the attend the Program Coordinator Course, after which you will be matched to a Classroom. Follow-up and brush-up courses are also organized by the System.

Q7.How do I become a Japanese Language Partner?

A.Just contact us with your (1) full name, (2) address (city/ward/area), (3) telephone number, (4) available days and times with the subject "Application for Japanese Language Partner" through one of the methods listed on the "Contact Us"page, and you can immediately start participating at any Japanese Language Classroom available. Japanese Language Classrooms also organize open lectures, pre-course briefings and Follow-up Courses which you are highly encouraged to attend.

Q8.How can I get you to start a new Classroom?

A.If you are interested in starting a new Classroom or create an avenue where people can learn Japanese, contact us through one of the methods listed on the “Contact Us” page, or talk to a System Coordinator. Before you do so, please run through the following conditions:
1. You are a group consisting of 5 persons and above evaluated to be at levels 0 or 1 in the JLLSSTC Proficiency Test.
2. Japanese residents/staff from your community or organization are willing to volunteer to participate as Japanese Language Partners in the Classroom.
3. You intend to continue running the Classroom after the System has assisted you in getting it set up.
Where these conditions are not met, the Systems provides other resources as an alternative, such as our e-Learning system for persons who are unable to attend courses. The System is also able to provide Japanese residents with opportunities to improve their communication skills through participation as Japanese Language Partners and by attending Japanese Language Partner Courses and lectures. Discuss your needs with a System Coordinator to find out more about what we can provide.

Q9.How much will it cost to start and operate a Classroom?

A.The main costs related to the operation of a Classroom are the Program Coordinator's remuneration (compensation and transport), rental costs for the venue (including utilities) and educational materials (including photocopying). For classrooms catering to learners whose Proficiency Levels as identified by the JLLSSTC Proficiency Test fall under the "Assistance Required" category, the Program Coordinator's remuneration and the cost of educational materials will be borne by the System. Costs of consultations and discussions with the System Coordinator leading up to the start of Japanese classes, including the System Coordinator's remuneration, the cost of administering the JLLSSTC Proficiency Test, are borne by the System, regardless whether these activities finally result in classes being started.

Q10.Is the e-Learning system open to everybody?

A.Yes, you are welcome to use it free-of-charge. (Recommended System Requirements: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above)

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